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Balance Game

Still to this day I do walk on fences when I get the chance, it is something that gives me a sweet feeling of being on edge yet not in danger (ps if its tall or not I still climb and walk on it) the sensation that goes through your foot as you try to balance your whole weight on just the small space you have is just thrilling. I remember when our main house was being build (aprox 7 yrs ago) I would use the (stellage)”OMG! I had to google this, when I saw the translation for it I had to google to make sure it is what am talking about” scaffolding to climb up the building and walk on edges of the house, that said the roof wasn’t built up yet so it was just blocks lol. Anyhow, I loved it specially when the sun was setting ^-^

Balancing game

Balancing Game 2

Balancing Game 3

Balancing Back and Front

Haru’s look details:
Hair: Doe: Nola ~ Solid Essentials HUD RARE NEW! @ Kawaii Project
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Crystal Eyes // Blue
Sunglasses: [Cubic Cherry] {Mako} sunglasses
Skin: [PF] Crystal Doll 2
Bikini: ***Ambrosia***Cherry Bikini[checkS] ~~Maitreya_Fitted [RARE] @ Okinawa Summer Fest 2017

Pic 1: Get Posed (mp) ~ Find Your Balance Pose
Pic 2: Serendipity (mp) balancing pose 1
Pic 3 & 4: Serendipity (mp) balancing pose 2

Location: Homeward Bound
3D trees, Hayabusa, Two Moon GardensM.Law Designs, Bearsfoot Beaches,
Di’Cor, Mesh Plants, Landscaping by Felix 1, are the names I could gather lol

Wardrobe of Myst

Dancing on my own

As some of you know, am not really a fan of dancing (not that I can’t, am just not a fan). As I was going through the posestand Kitty had rezzed youtube was also going through playlists… the song Dancing on my own by Robyn popped up as I ended up on this exact pose. I laughed my butt off as I realized it kinda fits the mood, well the “dance” does not match the beat to the song yet it felt like it has to be the title to my post 🙂

Dancing on my own 2

(played with some brushes and such… does not feel like me but I still like the outcome)Dancing on my own close up

Dancing on my own

Haru’s look details:
Hair: Doe: Thena ~ Monotone HUD New! @ SaNaRae
Bindi: CURELESS [+] Moonlight Jewels
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Stellar // Sea Eye New! @ SaNaRae
Skin: [PF] Crystal Doll 2
Dress: Mikunch Bright Spirit Tunic 2 @ SaNaRae
Bracelet: Kibitz – Adelie bracelet – onyx
Rings: Kibitz – Adelie rings – onyx

Pose: ::Focus Poses Male Set 3_4:: (yes I know, am totally rocking the male pose lol)

REAL LIGHTS ~ The EtheReals
*alirium* StarGrass [2.0]
HPMD* Garden Tree09 with Lights – green & Garden Tree07 – green

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No Escape II


Thrown in their lab as they begin working on arming us into robot parts… the liquid we are thrown in is used to kill our cells yet it keeps us alive,  slowly our skin starts to tint, then they can remove parts of our limbs without it hurting or affecting our system, they love experimenting with humans to see how far they can turn us into robots yet don’t to make sure we aren’t complete machine. Poor Kittens, the cruel world just became worst…

No Escape II

Haru’s details:
Hair & Helmet: CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Roboria Helmet (Gold)
Skin: [PF] Drow <Night>
Dress: CUREMORE/ Selenopolis /  Ultima Dress   – RARE
Claws: Kibitz – Marlee claws (old item)
Boots:CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Robotrix Boots (Gold)

Kitty’s Details:
Hair & Helmet: CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Roboria Helmet (Onyx)
Skin: (will fill in when sis comes back)
Dress: CUREMORE / Selenopolis /  Ultima Dress   – RARE
Arms & Claws: CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Maschinenmensch Arms RARE
Boots: CUREMORE / Selenopolis / Robotrix Boots (Onyx)

Poses by: NRage – succubus 4 & 4m

Location: Hangars Liquides

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Dark Hair, I like it :P

For this hair I had wanted to go black hair, I know I sometimes do use it but I don’t usually pay too much attention to it since it isn’t my trademark (white hair) and I really really like the look of it ~ Walked around in my dress (without panties! I knew I needed for while looking for shoes to match I forgot to put on) just cuz I really really loved how it looked one me 😛 In any case, head over to The Kawaii Project and grab your hair!

Dark Hair me

Dark hair Haru

Haru’s Look:
Hair: Doe: Have Mercy ~ Monotone HUD @ The Kawaii Project
Skin (body & head): [PF] <Crystal>
Dress: Akame Dress Long Black gacha by ::Una::
Tattoo: [La Baguette] Heart Blush (SaNaRae Gift)
Shoes: N-core TIFFANY

Pose: [Black Tulip] Poses – The Lady ~ Pose # 4

Scarlet Creative Wood Berry Skybox Boxed for LuxeBox September 2016 &
Scarlet Creative – Campbell ~ Bed, Desk,  Candles, Vintage Scale, Tartan Sofa, Chair & Bench

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Being My Own Role Model

Sometimes people ask me, who is your role model? If I have to name one, RL wise would be both my moms, My birth-mom and My second-mom and Myself, SL wise, that would be Myself!

RL wise: Now why both moms? There is no exact reason as to why i see them as role models, it simply is, the way they interact, the way love, the way they care, the way they sacrifice, the way they cry, the way they worry, and the list goes on and on… there are so many things i admire from both of them that it can become overwhelming. Why Myself? For the fact that I adore and love myself, i dont need to be like others, I love being me, in reality, I am an Introverted person, granted i can be social if it is needed, but i prefer my alone time more then anything, down side is that i am naturally hyper active, so when i am being social cuz it is needed i tend to be called an Extrovert lol.

SL wise: Why myself? Just like I stated on the RL wise, i LOVE being ME! I for one dont separate SL with RL, the person you meet in SL is the person I am in RL, i never saw a point in being someone else while you can be yourself, then again that is my own love for myself speaking 😛 There is nothing more satisfying for me as to perv myself and go “Gosh I look so adorable today” Sometimes i even think that its weird the way i am but then again, I am a weird person so there is nothing weird on that. For me, I matter the most in both world no matter what, If i like it on me I will brag about it all the time, i guess its common when someone brags about someone or something they love “chuckles”.

The Runaway Show 1

The Runaway Show 2

The Runaway show off

  The Runaway Show 3

The Runaway Show 4

Close up on my itemsCollage

Haru is wearing:

Halo: 13{Sekai} halo A .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. @ The Gathering 2015
Staff: 01{Sekai} staff gold  .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.  RARE @ The Gathering 2015
Hair: *Besom~ India *Gothics*
Headpiece 1: Noodles – Gabi Halo ULTRA RARE @ The Gathering 2015
Headpiece 2: .Charm. Skye Headpiece // Gold // RARE @ The Gathering 2015
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Nymph
Eyelashes: //LovelyAlien//StarryEyelashes (mp link)
Eye shadows: [PF] Doll V2 <Vamp> – Eyeshadow (Purple) comes with Skin
Lip gloss: [PF] Doll V2 <Vamp> – Thin Gloss (Purple) comes with skin
Teeth: .Pekka. Teeth + Pout mouth shading tintable
Skin: [PF] <Vamp> – Doll V2
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Focus – Black
Ears: Mandala Unisex Pierced Elf Ears Ver1
Collar: 08{Sekai} collar E .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. @ The Gathering 2015
Harness: .Charm. Skye Harnesses // Gold // Common @ The Gathering 2015
Armlets: .Charm. Skye Armlets // Gold // Common @ The Gathering 2015
Bracelets: 10{Sekai}bracialets A .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. @ The Gathering 2015
Claws: Kibitz – Marlee claws – copper – common
Bra & Panties: erratic / beth – bikini / black (maitreya)
Jacket: ISON – occult jacket (black)
Belt: .Charm. Skye Belt // Gold // Common @ The Gathering 2015
Thigh: Noodles – Naara Thigh Chain Gold
Feet wraps: *PROMAGIC* Slink High Bands ~ wearing Gold (mp link)
Poses and prop: IE – The Runway (b) @ Rock your Rack 2015