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Board Game Night…

Or so we thought … but … it only lasted for 1 round? “giggle snorts” The moment we sat down between our lovely cushions we felt home, taking out and placing the game on the floor, we felt something was missing. Rue already made her self even more comfortable by taking off her shoes putting on her cute slippers while I was still wearing my heavy boots, Carri forgot her slippers so she also was stuck with her boots and Kitty, well she the glamorous one in the group! “laughs” Don’t tell her I said that she gonna lock me up for a whole day in the closet ūüėõ lmao!

Puzzle Game Night... or so it should have been

Puzzle game night...

[PR] РPuke Rainbows: New!
Three Vintage Cushions ‚Äď Stars 1 & stars 2
Three Vintage Cushions Love 1 & Love 2 @ cosmopolitan

{moss&mink}¬†Pod Chair,¬†Heart Shelf, Heart Side Table, KP Photo Gallery, Unicorn Party ‚Äď Hanging Stars 2 GIFT, Enjoy the Little Things & Soft Rug
uK РUnKindness Little Bird Chandelier Light (Non) & 6. 9 to 5 Foxy Lappy
8f8 primavera in Toscana Cupboard & Small Cupboard
i {DH} – irrie’s Dollhouse¬†Clemintine Victorian Dollhouse *Blueberry* & Winter Jane Dress Shoppe *Snowy Blush* RARE
ionic Christmas Tree (gift)
dust bunny . lighted jar . type a and b
[ zerkalo ]¬†Golden Shade ‚Äď Vintage Keys Cloche
-Nomi-Princess Closet-Candy Jar-1, 2 , and 3 (light)
SPELL : Stack of Tea Cups [Colors]
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Pink
*FG* Frangipani Garden Christmas Star Cupcakes

Wardrobe of Myst

In the Clouds

There is always a time that all we need is quietness and prettiness… Yes, I know not really about the prettiness but it fits not to make your background feel empty, lonely and or boring. There are a lot of times I do wonder if it would be possible to hover between the clouds… Yes I know, pretty childish thought… but let’s be honest, isn’t there a time we all want a piece of the clouds? Being up there where nothing can actually disturb you? I know I have had these thoughts many times, it is also the reason I truly enjoy my beach area, 97% of the time it is empty with no one there to disturb someone’s peace. I always think that the clouds are or should be feeling pretty fluffy, cold yet cozy where you can just doze off, sadly it can’t hold something in it like cartoons do lol. Here to our peaceful hang out.

In the clouds

Me and Sis asleep

In the clouds 2

Outfit Description:
Hair: Doe: Marigold ~ Candy HUD Rare @ Lootbox
Piercing: PUNCH / Basic Lip Piercings II
Necklace: Contrax. РTrio Necklace Silver @ Lootbox
Claws: [CX] Biomech Claws (LIMITED GIFT)
Kimono: NYU РSummer Yukata, DBlue (Maitreya) @ Lootbox
Geta: NYU РGeta & High-Knee Tabi, BlackNo2 (Maitreya) @ Lootbox

Pose: CW Poses РRight Here

Hair: Doe: Marigold ~ Monotone HUD @ Lootbox
Headband: Belle Epoque { Cute Gang } Headbow Sky
Piercings: 1. ^^Swallow^^ Supreme Gold and White Diamond 01, 03, 04 RARE
Necklace 1: Contrax. РTrio Necklace Gold @ Lootbox
Necklace 2: Sweet Thing. Sleepychi Charmed Necklace (Gamer)
Rings: Kibitz РLove rings
Kimono: NYU РSummer Mini Yukata, Blue (Maitreya) @ Lootbox
Geta: NYU РGeta w/ High-Knee Tabi, WhiteNo1 (Maitreya) @ Lootbox

Pose: FOXCITY. Wild&Free-5

[[RH]] Design House: KURA- BOTAN Vase (Peony) Red, FOXY Girls 1, FOXY Girls 2,  FOXY Girls 3, Andon (Light) -Natural-, BOTAN Vase (Piony) Pink, TANMONO (roll of cloth), WA light, Chouchin Tree (light), YUUKAKU -Sake set-, IZAYOIРPLANT (Red)
+Half-Deer+: Panda Dango Pouf, Slumber Lamp РCat РWhite, Coming up Roses РEasel (White + Roses)
SPELL: Green Tea Set, Stack of Tea Cups [Colors]
ARIA – Haven Bunny Planter
8f8 – New Beginning – Bench
Glam Affair – Table (LOFT version)
Blink2Wink (mp link): – Kokeshi Doll [Yellow] Common (should get from other players)
{what next}: Pothos Plant (small), Swiss Cheese Plant, Snake Plant (stand)
[P] Pillows: Dreamy BR: Ceiling Decor,
unKindness:¬†Dreamer’s Sky Puddles Silver,¬† Dreamer’s Sky Dreamy Fog
irrie’s Dollhouse: Painted Lady Gazebo *Bluebell*
{anc} fish shop daughters / leaking rug [type.A] 3Li
[PR] Puke Rainbows: Half Moons Glitter Ground РYellow, Curved Line РYellow

Home decor and stuff · Wardrobe of Myst

Sweets anyone?

I really enjoy it when me and Kitty focus for a picture, we start with a simple look, posed and all and then the decorating takes part, like the pic below gonna show you. As the saying goes “Great minds think alike.” is a very true thing especially when it is with someone on the same wave line as you. The start of was easy, Astralia’s backdrop and us posing,¬†and then the party started… we started digging in inventory items to match theme lol

Cake anyone

Am not sharing ^o^

Haru, Kitty & Kate’s outfits: (described: Haru Middle, Kitty’s right and Kate’s left)
Outfit: Birdy Baby Girl Pink, Mint & Blue set @ The Arcade
Hairs: Doe: Faye ~ Pastel HUD, Maye ~ Pastel HUD @ The Arcade & Puff

+Half-Deer+: Purrfect Patisserie РRainbow Heaven Cake, Magical Milkshake (Blue),  Choco Princess РLay, Macaron Dream Buffet РGroup of Macarons, Macaron Stand РStrawberry &Chocolate, Dik-Dik РSky, Kerfluffle Sheep III РMilk and Cookies RARE, Tiny Teacup Giraffe РPastel Duotone & *Merkitty РCruising (Lilac) @ The Arcade
{moss&mink}: Unicorn Party РTable, Placeset Lilac, Candybowl,  Heart Donuts, Unicorn Cake RARE, Wall deco 1 & Backdrop GoTG
Astralia – Vintage backgrounds (Fast Food)
SPELL : Blueberry Angel Food Cake & Painted Cupcakes Roses
Jian Derp Desserts :: Catface Cupcakes (Colorful)
Ariskea[Patisserie] Cupcake Seat
[PR] Little Stars Glitter Curtains – Blue

[P.S: * only one at arcade in half deer section]

Home decor and stuff · Wardrobe of Myst

No place to call “Home”

Ever felt that even thou you are home you don’t feel like you really are “Home”? Like there is something missing or that you feel alienated? Usually, there is always a reason¬†for this feeling, yet to this day I still don’t really know how to explain it precisely. I had felt it a long time before,¬†I felt alienated in my own home, in my own room, it really isn’t such a nice feeling while it is the place you should be yet not feeling welcomed. It was a bit of a struggle but I still managed to fit in, Now! How cool would it be that you could really float away until you find the perfect place to call home? This would be really awesome! Man of man how I wish we can~

No place to call Home

No place to call home close up

Outfit details:
Hair: [DUE] Joy ~ B&W
Horns 1: ::TI:: Dark Skeletor Head Horns _RARE
Eyes: -SU!- Spectrum Eyes RAGE
Ears: BentBox Sylvan Ears
Horns 2: PUNCH / Devil
Choker: Amacci Jewelry РYara Choker
Skin: CURELESS [+]  Morphine
Shoulders: ::TI:: Dark shoulders skull
Cuffs: Amacci Jewelry РYara Cuffs
Wings: #2 Blueberry РIconic Doll РWings РBlack / RARE
Tail: [CX] Bone Tail Black (unpacked)
Bra: #20 Blueberry РIconic Doll РBra РBlack РMaitreya
Panties: #6 Blueberry РIconic Doll РPanties РBlack РMaitreya / RARE
Shoes: #4 Blueberry РIconic Doll РShoes РBlack РMaitreya / RARE
Pose: DM РStairway variant

NOMAD // Abstract Sculpture, Goat Taxidermy RARE,  Small Gothic Table & Gothic Settee
Birdy РAltar set РCurtain, Ram skull Рwhite & Palm
DRD MM tarot
{vespertine} mr.skelly-white /2, mystery animal skulls dome /16 RARE
SPELL : Equinox Chandelier {silver}
.aisling. Candles 03 /Silver/

Family & Friends · Wardrobe of Myst

Kitties ~

Its no secret that me and my bestie love cats… we always have a bunch of things cat related… and what could be more perfect that a kitty hair? xD… i didnt need any kitty ears cuz the hair already has the form! its so adorable! ¬†‚̧ Two kittens enjoying a lazy day ūüôā




Hair:  Doe: Junko Pigtails РMonotone
Hairband: *Tentacio* Headpiece for everyday Tuesday white
Earrings: SPELLHalf-Moon Earring
Eyes: [Buzz] Chromatic Eyes РPure
Piercing: ^^Swallow^^ Supreme Gold and White Diamond 01 Р02- 03 Р04 RARE {Creator} [nose]
Dress: AMITOMO / Highfive GACHA / 1 /
Ring: SPELL : Leaves Ring

Hair: Doe: Kat (solid) –¬†Monotone HUD
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Yuna~ Pale Green Eye
Piercing 1: PUNCH / Double Chain
Piercing 2: PUNCH / Heart Nose Stud
Collar: Kibitz РZoey Collar РOnyx (transparent)
Top: LAZYBONES РCelena Tank (no bra) РLilac РMaitreya
Bracelet:  [atooly] madelyn mint kitten bracelet .black.
Stocking: REIGN.– Kitty Stockings (Maitreya-High) {Creator} [R foot]