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Sweets anyone?

I really enjoy it when me and Kitty focus for a picture, we start with a simple look, posed and all and then the decorating takes part, like the pic below gonna show you. As the saying goes “Great minds think alike.” is a very true thing especially when it is with someone on the same wave line as you. The start of was easy, Astralia’s backdrop and us posing, and then the party started… we started digging in inventory items to match theme lol

Cake anyone

Am not sharing ^o^

Haru, Kitty & Kate’s outfits: (described: Haru Middle, Kitty’s right and Kate’s left)
Outfit: Birdy Baby Girl Pink, Mint & Blue set @ The Arcade
Hairs: Doe: Faye ~ Pastel HUD, Maye ~ Pastel HUD @ The Arcade & Puff

+Half-Deer+: Purrfect Patisserie – Rainbow Heaven Cake, Magical Milkshake (Blue),  Choco Princess – Lay, Macaron Dream Buffet – Group of Macarons, Macaron Stand – Strawberry &Chocolate, Dik-Dik – Sky, Kerfluffle Sheep III – Milk and Cookies RARE, Tiny Teacup Giraffe – Pastel Duotone & *Merkitty – Cruising (Lilac) @ The Arcade
{moss&mink}: Unicorn Party – Table, Placeset Lilac, Candybowl,  Heart Donuts, Unicorn Cake RARE, Wall deco 1 & Backdrop GoTG
Astralia – Vintage backgrounds (Fast Food)
SPELL : Blueberry Angel Food Cake & Painted Cupcakes Roses
Jian Derp Desserts :: Catface Cupcakes (Colorful)
Ariskea[Patisserie] Cupcake Seat
[PR] Little Stars Glitter Curtains – Blue

[P.S: only one at arcade in half deer section]

Exploring · Wardrobe of Myst

Conjuring spells…

“It is said… that reviving the dead is prohibited… it isn’t in our hand to bring back those that died… but what if you have the knowledge or perhaps the way of doing it, wouldn’t you try to bring a loved one back if it was in your hand? No matter what people will say or call me, it doesn’t even matter if i get hunted down, doesn’t matter if they want to burn me alive for doing this forbidden spell but I promised you that i will bring you back by any means”

Waking him up from the death

Waking him up from the death 2

Waking him up from the death 3

Waking him up from the death 4

Waking him up from the death 5

Haruka is wearing:

Complete outfit & Hair: +WWD Seraphina Elvendress+ Blood & Elderberries @ Werewolf Design

Moon jewel: Le Morte – Mystic Jewel @ Le Morte

Collar: Le Morte – Salem – Cat And Moon ~ given to me ♥

Necklace: Le Morte – Taint3d Love – Black @ IDK

Nose piercing: PUNCH / Lune / Nose Piercing @ Suicide Dollz

Owl: Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Owlie – Snow [box] @ The Arcade 

Grimoire: Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Spellbook – Gold [box] RARE @ The Arcade

Hikaru is wearing:

Head: Raven-BJD Head 2 v2.0 @ Raven 

Body: <UTILIZATOR> – Avatar 2.0 – beta 1.12.22 @ MP Utilizator or IW AMH

Pants: Raven – Leather Pants [Darks + Neutrals] @ Boystyle

Skin: +AH+ Living Dead Mod demonix @ MP +Artificial Hallucination+ or IW +Artificial Hallucination+

Pose on last Picture: IE – Mine for Eternity (b) @ Image Essentials

Location: Image Essentials, using Castle Ruins.