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Having Fun @ The Beach!

Bluntly honest, this pic took us 3 days to take! We started decorating and was gonna take pics, Baja sims was restarting so we tp’ed home, THEN I had to go do stuff in RL so couldn’t be on. When I was on Sis wasn’t on, they were fixing her tiles so she ended up having to wash EVERYTHING again, now the day after sis wasn’t on cuz of the washing thingies lol! Plus we ended up doing another pic that with same decors… I was so happy with the end results when we were decorating. Once again a starting as a plain looking area filled with stuff! I really hope the sim owner didn’t mind what all we used. All though I logged to find a girl taking a pic, that made me feel shy and happy at the same time, I felt shy cuz they weren’t really set right yet but it was still being used! Happy because well our set up was liked enough to get used for other’s pics ^^. Here is our happy beach fun day! Taken at Baja Norte sim… my spot these days…
(those who are following my flickr already noticed that I been obsessed with it here lol)

Having fun at the beach

Beach Fun

Close up of beach fun

Details on outfits:

Hair: Doe: Maye – HUD – Special Edition 1 @ The Arcade
Swimsuit: !gO! Summer swimsuit – blue @ The Arcade
Skin: .Atomic. Gacha_Summer Catwa Applier – Creme 3

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Summer Hairplay – Coromuel – B+W @ The Arcade
Swimsuit:  !gO! Summer swimsuit – burgundy @ The Arcade
Skin: .Atomic. Gacha_Summer Catwa Applier – Honey 2

Hair: Besom~ Milk. *GG*
Swimsuit: #EMPIRE – Summer Time – Bikini 2 – rose @ The Arcade

Hair: .ploom. Mystic ~ Monotone HUD
Swimsuit: erratic / justine Noir

Hair: Tableau Vivant Nyoki Hair – Dreads – Winter & Knot [faux dreads] – Naturals II
Shorts: <Kalback> Sweat Shorts_Grey (Signat.)

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Erik Mesh Hair – Night shadow
Shorts: REDGRAVE CargoPants UltraBaggy LQMesh – Olive –

{moss&mink}: Summer of 69 – Deck Chair Pink, Deck Chair Teal, Umbrella, String Lanterns @ The Arcade
Pillows: Summer Days: Cushion, Drinks, Watermelon, Snack Table, Picnic Rug, Picnic Box
Sway’s: [on the Beach] Floor with Blankets natural RARE & Coconut drink,  Lantern counterpart . sunshine, Lantern parallel . natural, Torch, Cushion . boho @ The Arcade
brocante: beach cruiser gacha / lilac & peach @ The Arcade
 .:Bee Designs:.: To The Beach gacha Decorative floatters & To The Beach gacha Sign
JIAN: Cheeky Chihuahuas 10. Choco Wanderer @ The Arcade
+Half-Deer+: Merkitty – Cruising (Lilac) @ The Arcade
!gO!: Summer swimsuit packer (was cute and could be used as decor) @ The Arcade
::Axix:: RadioGirl Radio Crazy
REIGN: Beach Bag Doggy Shades (pattern)#15 & Beach Bag (pattern) #18 @ The Arcade
*ionic*: Hanging blankets
junk: wannabe boho. wall hanging. green.
:.WS.: (MPlink): Beach Towel-Pink
8f8: New Beginning – David’s Coffee Table
{anc}: happyendpark. garden parasol (gold) 6Li
Sari-Sari: Blanket Fort – Bunting 1 1
Tres Blah: Summer Fete – Floral Bunting
[Con.]: The Cuddle Camper – Yellow RARE
Kei’s: South Beach Clutter
..::ILLI::.. Meriel Maitreya Flip Flops (L&R)
IE: Swim Patrol
mimmi – sand castle
*::.who what.::*: floaty- boat (RARE) & letters {H} x2
Astralia: Pink Dreams Inflatable mouth & dinghy (Animated) @ The Arcade

OMG! SO much to list today @____@

Wardrobe of Myst

Myst’s lazy look for the day

I was so lazy to set up an outfit set so i just went for the lazy look…. All though the lazy look took me quite some time… since i had to unpack my top from some event i gotten it from… lol… gawd i wish i had someone to sort out my inventory out for me >.< i started and i still missing like 15k items to sort… and out of those 15k like 7k are unpacked >.> In any case an hour later… sadly… lol… it was NOT suppose to take that long but, viola, Myst look for the weekend not to mention RealEvil’s newest release! OMG i just had to show… errr…share with you all! Ok ok… i know, am not used to do close ups on my stuff… but damn…check them out 😛  Can u tell I’m a Die-Hard-Fan of RealEvil Industries items? lol

Lazy look cuteness

Close up on my acc


Myst Lazy Look:

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Barbara Mesh Hair – Whites Pack @ /Wasabi Pills/

Eye shadows: .random.Matter. – Plague Shadows – Noire @ .random.Matter.

Eye lashes: – DAMNED –  Luscious Eyelash @ – DAMNED – BodyShop

Lipsticks: .random.Matter.  – Glossy Lipstick – Royalty – Queen @ .random.Matter.

Teeth: .Pekka. Teeth + Pout mouth shading tintable @ .Pekka. 

Face Piercing: :HV: Nosejob [100 Block Ink/Frost] @ The :HV:

Collar: **RE** Chained Heart Collar RLV @ RealEvil Industries

Top: alterego I tummy tanks v2 – purrevil @ alterego

Belly Piercing: **RE** LUX Heart Belly Piercing @ RealEvil Industries

Watch [right hand]: **RE** LUX Viva Watch @ RealEvil Industries

Couple Bracelet: **RE** ReVoX M5 Couple Bracelets – Engravable (*ReVoX Collection*) @ RealEvil Industries

Ring: MB – Promise Series – Triple Tiffany // Gift from someone so not checking 🙂

Pants: *{FoReVeR}*Capri #1 Black @ *{FoReVeR}*

Shoes: [trs] Cork Wedges . Black Leather @ [trs] mAiNsToRe

Pose: IE – Body Shot 3 @ Image Essentials


Wardrobe of Myst

1 more day for the Summer Bash Event!

The Summer Bash Event is reaching its End… so you still got time to go grab your goodies! I didn’t want to walk around so i ended up using their provided bikes as i shopped around \o/! Here is what i got! Ok well as u know im the short chick! lol… i ended up taking all the poses this lifeguard chair offers… i could not help it! As you all know xD i am a fan of Kay’s creations! I invited my friend over to be my male model lol Thank you Seth ❤

Pose: IE – Swim Patrol @ Great Summer Bash Fashion Fair

Me and Seth 1

Me and Seth 2

Me and Seth 3

Me and Seth 4

Me and Seth 5

 Me and Seth

And my addiction never fails me! What’s best if not laying down at the beach in that oh so protective wooden arms? Pose: IE – Summer Sun @ Great Summer Bash Fashion Fair

Me and Seth 6

Myst’s outfit:

Hair: Exile::Rain or Shine: 10. Wildcards, wearing Rain and this was a gacha havn’t seen it in store yet

Lipstick: .random.Matter.  – Glossy Lipstick – Royalty @ .random.Matter. Mainstore

Necklace: :[P]:- Krysis Chain:// Ice [gacha]@ Great Summer Bash Fashion Fair

Bikini: :[P]:- Armana Kini:// Meow @ Great Summer Bash Fashion Fair

Ring: RH Modern Princess Ring Rhodolite COMMON [gacha]@ Great Summer Bash Fashion Fair

Seth’s outfit:

Hair: Wasabi Pills Dylan Mesh Hair @ /Wasabi Pills/

Glasses: Biker Shades – Sunglasses @ JubJubs Stuffs [MP]

Beach Shorts: Kona Mesh_Mens Red Hibiscus with Free Mesh Flip Flops @ Kona


I was late on posting… had a rough week but here we go

Wardrobe of Myst

“Happy Day” presenting Dreams set by Alchemy

As i was tp’ing to random places i ended up at The Secret Fair, not even sure how long it will be out for, but I found the Alchemy Stand and played gacha… omg … i curse myself for doing so but oh well… i guess its time to start a stall to sell my doubles like a lot of people do lol! I got Lucky i suppose in getting the whole set in Orchid color… except the Dress that one i purchased to match my set… i seriously wasn’t aiming for the little cute Spirit Faun Familiar 😛

Happy Days 1

A Closer Look

Happy Days 2

As I have mentioned before it IS a Gacha, so be careful and this is what is shown on Alchemy’s Flickr page

Alchemy - Dreams Gacha Key

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Serena Mesh Hair – Candies Pack @ /Wasabi Pills/

Eyes: IKON Immortal Eyes – Banshee & Evening @ IKON

Shoes: -{ZOZ}- Tiffany Heels Fat Pack Radiant Violet @-{ZOZ}-

Alchemy Dreams Set @ The Secret Fair

Poses: HPMD Swing and HPMD Sitting Bubbles @ (*^-^*) HPMD, HappyMood

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Myst as Daemon

I was challenged… into looking good as a male… lmao… well in my opinion i did good… specially if i created him based on my Dream Guy “drools”…  but then again its my image maybe others wouldnt like what i came up with 🙂 In anycase… ima show u what i came up with 🙂 And ofcourse no better place for me then Image Essentials to take pics to show mah awesomeness! “giggles” I started with what i like the most when im not behind a PC.

Deamon having a hard time choosing a book.

Checking what book to read

Deamon reading Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Reading Hush Hush

Then I went for what i enjoy doing aswell when im not too lazy :P… as most know.. i do live on an Island surrounded by the ocean 🙂 (ps… its called Aruba)

Daemon Enjoying with the waves splashing!

Enjoying the beach

Daemon relaxing after tons of enjoyment

Relaxing after a fun drive

Now… i know this seemed odd… but i had fun creating him lol… I do admit it was fun having positive reactions and flirty pms… allthou it felt odd coming from friends lmao specially when i was at my usual club and a friend asked me if i bought you know what yet… i replied with ehhh… nooo… “blushing face”… lmao in anycase… the details on both piccies.

Daemon reading:

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Erik Mesh Hair – Blacks Pack @ /Wasabi Pills/

Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes – Ice @ IKON

Shape & Skin (yes i cheated lol): >> Aeros Avatar Arrow << 2013a @ » æros avatars «

Necklace: **RE** ReVoX Cross Necklace @ RealEvil Industries

Pants: Luke Male Gothic Pants @ *FASHIONNATIC*

Using the Male Studio and taken @ Image Essentials

Daemon at the beach:

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Erik Mesh Hair – Blacks Pack @ /Wasabi Pills/

Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes – Ice @ IKON

Shape & Skin (but it took ages lol) : >> Aeros Avatar Arrow << 2013a @ » æros avatars «

Necklace: **RE** ReVoX Cross Necklace @ RealEvil Industries

Bracelets: UNISEX[MANDALA]SANKARA_Bracelet set_Black @ TMD ~ The Mens Dept

Trunks: *Just BECAUSE* SC – Men’s Swim Trunks – Red/Black @ ~~** Just BECAUSE ** Mainstore~~

Beach scenario @ Image Essentials

Song clinging in my head… i had a terribad night last night… and then the good part was dreaming about this song… waking up i couldnt remember anything about it… i searched all my chats… ALL OF DEM… nothing… until i gave up and pmed my friend who is a freaking awesome DJ, Wynd who tried and did manage to help me get the song, Thank you Wynd ❤ ~ you can find her on Her Facebook or at Demonic Night Club