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A Lady, no matter what…

No matter what gets thrown my way, even tho I am a lady I will tackle it with everything I have and can and still remain a lady~



Haru’s Details:
Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*57 (White)
Outfit: .::Supernatural::. Aella New! @ Lootbox (gacha set)
Right Top Arm: .::Supernatural::. Aella #1 (silver)
Left Top Arm: .::Supernatural::. Aella #3 (silver)
Shoulder Pads: .::Supernatural::. Aella #5
Bracelets: .::Supernatural::. Aella #6
Right Leg: .::Supernatural::. Aella #7
Left Leg: .::Supernatural::. Aella #8
Silver thigh: .::Supernatural::. Aella #1 Rare Lootbox
Semi Necklace: .::Supernatural::. Aella #2 Rare Lootbox
Top: .::Supernatural::. Aella Top Silver Rare Lootbox
Panties: .::Supernatural::. Aella Panties Silver Rare Lootbox

Pic 1: .::NanikA::. Archer Pose 1
Pic 2: *{( konpeitou )}* queen

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“Friendly Neighbors”

It is not always that mother nature’s children are friendly with humans however I got lucky with my neighbors, they let me in their circle where even a cute lil cub decided to jump on me (tumbling the lamp) for cuddles 🙂

Friendly Neighbors, a bit too much

Friendly Neighbors

“Moon_Sha” Frozen Forest Gacha Set ~ New! @ The Gacha Guardians
Frozen Dead Leaves
Frozen Dead Tree 1
Frozen Dead Tree 2
Frozen Dead Tree 3
Frozen Dead Tree 4
Frozen Ferns
Frozen Rabbits Burrow
Dirt Road Snowy 2 Gimme Gacha Gift

+Half-Deer+ (gacha items)
Red Fox – Sitting
Red Fox – Spying
Red Fox – Double Trouble
Fallow Deer – Snow – Rest
Fallow Deer – Fawn – Watchful
Fallow Deer – Fawn – Walk

KITE (gacha items)
Silly Bears Gacha – Resting
Silly Bears Gacha – Goofy
Silly Bears Gacha – We’re Cute

*HEXtraordinary*  (gacha items)
Pocket Sugar Glider – Cinnamon
Pocket Sugar Glider – Silver
Gray Owl – Perched
Gray Owl – Flying

{what next) ‘Silver’ Alpbach Tree Lanterns
Aphrodite winter berries bush


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Board Game Night…

Or so we thought … but … it only lasted for 1 round? “giggle snorts” The moment we sat down between our lovely cushions we felt home, taking out and placing the game on the floor, we felt something was missing. Rue already made her self even more comfortable by taking off her shoes putting on her cute slippers while I was still wearing my heavy boots, Carri forgot her slippers so she also was stuck with her boots and Kitty, well she the glamorous one in the group! “laughs” Don’t tell her I said that she gonna lock me up for a whole day in the closet 😛 lmao!

Puzzle Game Night... or so it should have been

Puzzle game night...

[PR] – Puke Rainbows: New!
Three Vintage Cushions – Stars 1 & stars 2
Three Vintage Cushions Love 1 & Love 2 @ cosmopolitan

{moss&mink} Pod Chair, Heart Shelf, Heart Side Table, KP Photo Gallery, Unicorn Party – Hanging Stars 2 GIFT, Enjoy the Little Things & Soft Rug
uK – UnKindness Little Bird Chandelier Light (Non) & 6. 9 to 5 Foxy Lappy
8f8 primavera in Toscana Cupboard & Small Cupboard
i {DH} – irrie’s Dollhouse Clemintine Victorian Dollhouse *Blueberry* & Winter Jane Dress Shoppe *Snowy Blush* RARE
ionic Christmas Tree (gift)
dust bunny . lighted jar . type a and b
[ zerkalo ] Golden Shade – Vintage Keys Cloche
-Nomi-Princess Closet-Candy Jar-1, 2 , and 3 (light)
SPELL : Stack of Tea Cups [Colors]
Garbaggio // Shoe Clutter Pink
*FG* Frangipani Garden Christmas Star Cupcakes

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We had some really cute and furry visitors ramzacking (plunder) our corn fields. Good thing they did not break our plants as much as we thought they would. They really turned to be friendly, guessing since they ate they let us pet them ^^
On another note, I have to say that this Frozen set by Moon Sha is too cute!!!

Reindeers 2

RD comp 1

RD comp 2

Reindeers 1

“Moon_Sha” Corn Field – FULL, Corn Plants Ground & Corns in the Ground – Rotten @ The Imaginarium Event
“Moon_Sha” Frozen Bench, Frozen Chair 1, Frozen Outside Table, Pumpkin Stool 2, Snow Heap 1, Snow Heap 2 & Improvised Snowman 1
JIAN Snow Birds :: Fence
BananaN – Bunny gacha 01 – sleeping bunny, 02 – flower/bunny, 04 – carrot/bunny & 06 – unicorn bunny RARE
uK – Countryside Cottage & Mystic Dew Drops Ani Gold
Botanical – Decorative Light Set
[DDD] Happiness Haze Cloud
LAQ Decor ~ Lantern String Lights (Colored)
+Half-Deer+ Firefly Vine – Frost & Fallen Stars
{what next} Silver Alpbach Tree Lantern (snowflake) – large
Lil’Bug Ooohh Deer 1 RARE, Ooohh Deer 3, Ooohh Deer 4, Ooohh Deer 6, Ooohh Deer 7 & Ooohh Deer 8
* REAL Lights ! The Centenarian Fir Celebrating (white lights) &The Centenarian Fir

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They say “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. What I find beautiful, does not necessarily mean others will find beautiful, yet again I don’t really mind much what others think or say, for me, I stand firm on what I like and do ❤ . Colors to me, bring forth the beauty in anything and everything, any color does.

Vibrant colors


Haru’s details:
Hair: Doe: Morgan ~ Monotone HUD
Hair Pin: .:*:. Kotolier .:*:. HairACC “HIGANBANA” 007
Choker: ..::Supernatural::. My Diamonds Necklace #1 & My Diamonds – #H
Kimono: *:..Silvery K..:*KimonoMesh(HANA)Pink

Decor: (all from mom garden so don’t correct names)
MSD (mp) – Flower Garden with Birdbath – Jana
flower row by Green Fairy Stores
Hayabusa Design Wind Field of Grass and Flowers
Mesh Fairy Woodland Building Set by Felix 1