I am a walking contradiction… Gonna give you one example which is how I am. I am someone who has a little too much energy, my mom calls me hyper, I cannot take anything that’s sweet related unless I am 95% sure I can contain myself, for example, I cannot drink no color soft drink especially red cuz I would turn into a parrot lol… however on the other hand I am extremely lazy, I can sit all day doing nothing reading, listening to music or playing my online games… and yet mom usually says “Damn Cat, you are so fcking lazy while you have all that energy stored somewhere… HOW do you DO this woman!” Then she would start laughing and send me to do some stuff…

A lot of times am asked how can I call myself lazy if am always full of energy? A lot of people surrounding me had asked me same thing but then again after hanging a while they tend to realize how both actually work 😛

Lazy Day for Haru

Lazy day lazy day

Haru’s lazy clothing:
Hair: Doe: Randy ~ Monotone HUD @ The Guardians
Top: erratic / emilia – sweater
Shorts: erratic / maeve – leggings

*::.who what.::*  [Jpn] -sakura sakura- [RARE].shun-bou-an, [Jpn] -sakura sakura- 8.rug mat {ro}, [Jpn] -sakura sakura- 9.rug mat {ha), [Jpn] -sakura sakura- 2.Pendant light OUUN, [Jpn] -sakura sakura- 1.hanasaku tokei, [Jpn] -sakura sakura- 11.kohikidashi(short), [Jpn] -sakura sakura- 10.kohikidashi(tall) @ The Season Story
+Half-Deer+ Sakura Petals – Big Group – Pink
Ex Machina – Expedition Folding Table
striped mocha – paper wisteria – long – pale lila & dark purple
[Takeo] Cricket Cages – Painted Red COMMON
oyasumi / lantern / oyasumi-ya
~Isil~ [Niwa] Long Table
{anc} comet. / cage / gold
{anc} Japaneseatelier/saucers/soshoku, kinaka, kogane, hachimituiro, ruriiro RARE, oitakeiro, nyuuhakusyoku, nurebairo, benihi RARE, gluestock & glue
hive // butterfly wall [rainbow]
.peaches. Expecto Patronum Shadow Box – Common Dog
=Zenith= xiangan
Blink2Wink (mp) – Kokeshi Doll [Yellow] Common

Clouds, clouds and more clouds… being surrounded by clouds all day long… they hide the sun, they sometimes bring rain but most of all they bring out different shapes. When you are gazing up at the clouds you can always see all different kind of stuff, shapes and so… one day it looks like a horse, next day a cat, same day an Indian warrior, next day sheeps, another day the person you missing the most etc etc etc… Why am I babbling about clouds? Simply cuz i been enjoying them lately lol… ahhh i love it when the clouds are covering the sun and moon such a nice view!

Clouds everywhere

Cloudy day

Haru is wearing:
Hair: Doe: Kate ~ Ginger HUD @ Uber
Head applier: Glam Affair – Vika – The Forest (America tone)
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Taku Eyes // Grey
Piercing 1: PUNCH / Heart Nose Stud
Piercing 2: PUNCH / Impale
Choker: Amacci Jewelry – Yara Choker
Swimsuit: erratic / natasha – monokini – Luxe Box: June 2016
Sandals: Fashion Sandals Milli @ Fashion Addiction MP

(pose)HPMD* Fallen Tree – flowers
*alirium* ItchyGrass [DarkGreen]

The beginning of 2017 should have had a really nice post, but my first days of 2017 weren’t that lovely and enjoyable.
We had lost many cats in just a week you could say, two died around Jan 2nd, which was a tad harsh as it is, then next 2 days after I had another 2 killed by dogs, the day after dog attacked 1 again which she manage to get away but ended up dying next day anyways plus a kitten I been trying hard to help survive also died. Turned out was my neighbor’s dogs who came and killed my kitties, they wouldn’t attack my cats, my cats are big so they stay away from them, but they did attack the little ones who I finally decided to let go outside that week since they are old enough to play outside. I felt guilty for even leaving them out… but they are cats they want to go out… can’t stop that…

My heart was broken for an entire week, it was 4 days I was crying straight, I couldn’t even sleep cuz the face of the last attacked one kept haunting me. I was feeding her water and food and she would look at me so sweetly and purr, she didn’t seem that she would die, so imagine my shock when i went to feed her at 2 am to find her dead.

I didn’t feel like doing any posts at all until a bit ago… hence i went and took a pic to blog.




Haru’s outfit:
Hair: Doe: Tera ~ Browns HUD @ The Gacha Guardian
Skintone Head & Body: Glam Affair – Catwa  Lia Jamaica 02 & Jamaica
Outfit: Addams // Trina Neck Jump Suit // Beige
Shoes: Addams // Guillermina Laced Shoes // Black
Bracelet: [atooly] madelyn bracelets

Trying to be as elegant as possible while losing my mind trying to find my clutch purse… in vain! I believe it was stolen by a pixie or something to use as a house, it was NO WHERE to be found “cries”. Guess I’ll have to go out without it.

Searching for my clutch pursesearching

“Going to goout with out it”time-to-move-on

was thought as I gave up on searchinggiving-up

Haru’s look:
Hair: Doe: Veruca ~ Browns HUD @ Uber
Necklace: **RE** LUX Lolita Necklace
Top: *COCO*_RibbedKnitCropTop_Black @ Uber
Skirt: *COCO*_HighWaistedKnitSkirt_Black @ Uber
Arms: *COCO*_FurSleeves_Black @ Uber
Nails: [FORMANAILS] Stiletto Nails 02 -Maitreya hands Silver Black
Shoes: REIGN.– Classic Jane Heels & Stockings
Poses: [Sallie/BodyLanguage] Ready for a Date:Hatboxes

Now, to be totally honest, I love wearing Beanies in RL, always did and always will xD. When I got my hands on the hair i simply HAD to find something to match the hair and beanie, thank fully at the same event the hair is at i found myself this dress. Fun fact the dress name is nearly like a beanie lol. Again I visited this place for a picture, cuz well I dont really have an idea how winter really is in RL, I can try to make it into SL but it still isn’t the same and this place gives me the feeling of how winter could be. I swear! one day I WILL find out how winter is xD (ps event ends 25th)




Outfit details:
Hair: Doe: Kimmie ~ Monotone HUD @ Tannenbaum
Dress: Vinyl -Bean Babydoll Dress Black @ Tannenbaum
Tattoos: [White~Widow] Shallows – Black – RARE
Arm warmers: *COCO* FurSleeves Black @ Uber
Boots: REIGN.– MAGGIE BOOTS @ Tannenbaum

Location: The Enchanted Isle