Wardrobe of Myst

“Kirin ~ A Mythical Creature”

“As Untamed as I may Be, To you I swear my Loyalty, As strong as I may be, To you I promise to Protect, As Lonely as I may make you Feel, To you I promise to always stay by your Side”

Here i give you my Oath, to always be right by your side protecting you, hiding in the shadows making sure you can feel my presence.

My Oath to you

No matter what, just remember I am right by your side

With my weapon

I been really busy with RL stuff… which i totally hated… cuz i been up and down from doctor to the ER to Hospital etc etc, however I still managed to squeeze in some time for my hobby… which was not much, most of you been seeing me online yet i wasnt really there unless i had to work, sorry for being late but here it is! Items from the Mystical fair 2014, I simply HAD to find the perfect outfit to match KOY’s sexxy hair, and what better then this Sexxy outfit !dM had out? I adore the look! been walking around for days lol… a friend even asked me if im showering and washing my clothes atleast lol

Closer look of outfit lol

Details on Kirin

Myst outfit:

Hair: KOY – Brienne – Monotone Hud @ KOY [ploom]

Eyes: IKON Immortal Eyes – Crimson @ IKON [I love this series of eyes Ikon has out!]

Eye shadow: Cain – Ghostly shadow – eyeshadow @ Cain [MP link]

Teeth: Cain – Realistic Vampire fangs II @ Cain [MP link]

Kirin Outfit: !dM deviousMind “Madame Kirin” **ONYX** @ !dM [devious mind]

Poses used: Pic 1; KOY Poses – Oaths and pic 2 & 3; KOY Poses – Cross @ KOY [ploom]


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